Steven Wolf Fine Arts San Francisco artwork

Roadside Attractions
October 5 - Oct 28, 2006

Dustin Fosnot's newest spectacle will be on exhibit at Steven Wolf Fine Arts from Thursday, October 5 through October 28. Opening reception is Thursday Oct 5, 5:30 7:30.

Fosnot, a young San Francisco-based artist, combines a prodigious Duchampian gift for appropriating everyday objects with an authentic eye for folk art to create eccentric kingdoms whose sophisticated conceptual wit lurks beneath their childlike surface.
In the past, Fosnot has built a factory that spews clouds of steam in the form of cotton puffs running up a string, and a gurgling fountain of styrafoam pebbles. He hijacked the ventilation system at a local gallery earlier this year for use in an installation that went through an endless dispersal and replenishment cycle of styrofoam peanuts. At his MFA show on the pier in Fort Mason in 2004 he was nearly arrested by the coast guard for constructing and launching a home-made craft.

For this show he's created in cartoon form a vision of the distribution system of the everyday objects that he encountered while working at a home improvement store plus the objects themselves. Expect a tiny boat with homemade shipping containers, a sea made from blue chemical resistant gloves, a miniature trampoline and a rotating shark.

Fosnot earned his MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute in 2004 and has been included in numerous group shows since leaving school.